The Empowered Passenger

Break the cycle of learned helplessness to drive customer satisfaction and higher revenues.

As consumers travel more, airlines have re-engineered efficiency, seat optimization, safety, security, and most of all, the cost-savings that customers demand. The result? Crowds of passengers who are suspended into a state of “learned helplessness.” Too often, passengers have an air of submission and surrender with dread to an experience that is endured, not appreciated – a.k.a. air travel.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Making air travel the exciting part of a journey is possible. Providing passengers with a positive, seamless experience is within reach and can be a win-win proposition for airlines and their passengers.

In our new whitepaper, dive into the four areas that are needed to break the cycle of learned helplessness and gain a better understanding of how to provide passengers with:

  1. In-the-moment choices to personalize their trip,
  2. Self-tracking capabilities
  3. Empathic responsiveness, and
  4. Positive distractions via digital entertainment and retail shopping.
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